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Harriet Miers:Flunky For the Administration On The Court Sunday, October 09, 2005

It looks like Harriet Miers' nomination may be in some trouble although it's doubtful. I think this is a little reverse psychology by the administration. The religious folks get all bent out of shape and the Dems think this may be someone they can support. Many on both sides suggest though that she will be a yes woman for Bush.

She will do as the administration tell her to do in any case that they have an interest in which mean a roll back in a wide variety of human rights and civil liberties. The administration has two people in place who will sway the balance of the court to the right, perhaps very far to the right and we will get a court mandate evangelical/fascist state looking remarkably like those "undemocratic" regines we're trying so hard to fight against. She'd probably beg like dog if Bush told her too.

She has nothing in her history that suggests anything other than a corporate, cutthroat philosophy. There is no philosophical background, no demonstrated interest in the direction law in the country except towar her own purse. That means she'll fits well with the administration. Heck it'll take her a couple of years just to get up to speed and I'm scared when they ask her to finally write a decision.

posted by Stithmeister @ 8:19 PM

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At 10:44 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Seems to me the point is not that she's corporate, but that she's George W. Bush's buttgirl and go-fer.

But the point i keep bringing up (until you're sick of it, i know, but i have read too much history, sorry) is that, in a government system where the only and sole category of 'job qualification' is personal loyalty (such as in the vassalage system of the Middle Ages, or the cronyage system of right now) -

Miers gets all her marching orders from W. That's how she's being sold to the Right, that's how she describes herself, that's how W describes her. There really is no reason to think that H. Miers is NOT W's mouthpiece, and will remain so ad infinitum.

BUT....... unless we get evidence otherwise, George W. Bush is mortal. Sure, he's youngish (for a President) and notoriously physically fit. But hell, he could slip in the shower or something. And that then begs the question :
If Miers is still on the SCOTUS, and her moral compass, source of opinions, and puppetmaster is no more......who gets to take over running Harriet Miers? Cheney? Rove? One of the Bush daughters, by right of the royal blood?

Miers is being sold to the Republicans as a complacent and obedient puppet to Dubbyah. Who takes the puppet's strings if Dubbyah drops them? Beleive it or not, it could be important. And in fact, at the rate Bush II is putting cronys into positions, it might behoove us to know who inherits them all.

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At 11:02 PM, Blogger Stithmeister said...
I think there will be enough Skull and Bones people floating around to keep her marching to the right tune. We can only hope maybe she gets a streak of independence but at the same time, it's like any other political machine, you have to make sure toss a bone to those how get you there.

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