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Military In the Streets At Home Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ya know it's scary what the Bush administration proposes to do. No, it's downright terrifying. They continue to expand their police powers. They propose to have the military walking through the streets. We're turning into a truly fascist nation. It's unbelievable. Why won't anyone stand up for the rights of human beings? Why won't we have some semblance of freedom in our country anymore? Is it that frightening to the powers that be? They treat us like so many cattle at the slaughterhouse. Perhaps we are. Religion doesn't mean anything to them. It's just a tool, like the television or any other media tool. Soon, the military will be walking through our streets, like the do in NOLA now, for our protection. They'll be able to demand our papers or... know...see your ID card and all the record will be in there. We'll have checkpoints and guard houses in our neighborhoods. Gated communities will be such because the military will close them off. I may be paranoid but it seems more and more, as Congress passes more and more legislation that we get nothing. The ones that might think something is going on are too scared of being branded unpatriotic or unAmerican.

If you don't believe what I'm saying, check out this Newsweek story. The funny thing is the Prescott Bush, George's grandfather, made most of his money during the 30s and WWII, working for a bank based out of Germany that funded the Nazis. It looks like the family is still fulfilling it's old agenda.

But Martin, the civil-liberties advocate, said the DIA recruitment provision must be looked at in the context of two other measures tucked into the Senate intelligence authorization bill. One of them specifically grants the DIA a blanket exemption from having to search any of its “operational files” when it receives a FOIA request. There is already such a FOIA exemption for CIA operational files. But Martin contended that some of the DIA’s activities that are currently not covert would be covered by the new exemption, thereby extending a greater cone of secrecy around the agency. (The senior DIA official said the agency was “wasting time, energy and manpower” conducting FOIA requests for agency files that, at the end of the day, don’t get released anyway because they involve classified information.)

Another little-noticed provision of the bill would create a four-year pilot program that would allow U.S. intelligence agencies to have access to data collected about U.S. residents by other government agencies and covered by the Privacy Act. The FBI can already obtain many such records—such as pilot licenses or Transportation Department licenses for driving hazardous-waste materials or other government permits and applications—for law-enforcement purposes. The new Senate intelligence provision would allow U.S. intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and the DIA, or "parent" agencies such as the Pentagon itself, to collect such information deemed by the agency director to be useful in intelligence gathering related to international terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. No court order would be required for the information to be shared.

It's unbelievable. It's tough to have reasoned debate when one sees the ability to debate slowly being stripped away. It's unbelievable. What good is freedom of speech when no one is allowed, by law to talk about or question the charges nor the authorities we're being charged with. People may think I'm crazy and that they won't do that. But THEY WILL! The U.S. government has done numerous things in the past. There were the Tuskegee syphilis experiment or perhaps the CIA doing LSD tests on people. The deal is most of the population believe what's going on will protect them. It won't.


posted by Stithmeister @ 9:06 PM

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At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Greymagius said...
With the rise of the "Universal ID" and the efforts to expand our Federal Governments ability to control & Compel us,this is not surprising. Of course, the lack of coverage over our this, by our now defunct 'Free Media' is not surprising either. They seem to have rolled over and played dead. This is just another sign of how bad things really are. Thank Deus that the internet exist.The last hope of freedom of speech and of the press is the Internet. The sad thing is, I've heard reports that we are having the equivilent of Blog Spammers who are paid to disrupt Blog Comment/Discussion places just such as this.

Ah well, those of us who care will just have to post more often and the Blog owners will have to Block those Sabatours of this last vestige of the Free Press.

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At 6:12 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Saw this at Jesus' General and loved it (being among other things an R.N.)

i have found my next career move.

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