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Whose Fault In The Iraq War? Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cynicus picked this one up on Daily Kos

If we are going to be an occupation army we should have sent an occupation-sized army, something equivalent to the army that stabilized defeated Germany after World War II.

In proportion, that would be 3 million troops. We are about 2.8 million yellow elephants short.

That is why we will lose. The yellow elephants who scream and yell and cheer and wave flags and blog their screeds about this war are why we will lose this war. Their cowardice. Their parents' cowardice. Their grandparents' cowardice. All of the Barbs and Jennas and Jebs and John Ps and young college Republicans and RedStaters and Freepers and 101st Fighting Keyboarders and Little Green Footballs are why the US will lose this war. They would not put their bodies in support their parents', or their grandparents' purported patriotism.

If you support this war, think that we need to stay the course, are under 42 and not this very moment in the military, then you lost this war. You. Not the Cindy Sheehans, not the protesters in the street, not the antiwar writers on many blogs, not those who called this war immoral. No. not them, not the so-called "left"-- but you the so-called patriotic, USA USA-chanting, "right". You lost this war by not stopping it at the beginning and by not putting yourself there in order to win.

The revolution starts now--in your own back yard, in your own home town

by TarheelDem on Sat Oct 8th, 2005 at 05:01:44 PDT


I think he's right on the money with this one. Back in WWII, the whole country got behind the war. FDR's family was in it. Jimmy Stewart flew a bomber, Clark Gable fired a machine gun in a ball turret and the list goes on. These people didn't have too, they wanted too. They believed in the dream and they came through the depression. People followed FDR because he showed leadership and new how to craft an image the country needed. Bush can't do that. His administration wants to run planet earth and do it from a religious perspective. They don't care which form of government is, they can achieve their ends regardless. I just hope they don't bury us in the process.

posted by Stithmeister @ 10:59 AM

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At 2:29 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
You know, your mention of WWII film stars reporting for duty, and the Yellow Elephants just makes me reflect on others of "back then".

Mel Brooks was one of the engineers in the snow in the Battle of the Bulge, and received commendation in reports for volunteer patrols.

Rod Serling (yeah, from the Twilight Zone) was a Pacific theatre paratrooper with commendations, despite being under the height requirement. (i guess they let him stand on a book or something.)

John Wayne stayed in Hollywood the whole time, in uniform, making war movies.

Who is remembered today as the great American soldier? The Duke.

The more things change........

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