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"Governor Fletcher's Attracting More National Attention Sunday, October 30, 2005

A progressive blog called the TPM Cafe talked about this week in corruption and our very own Ernie Fletcher and subsequent comments by Senator David Williams got mentioned.

This past Monday, Kentucky governor Ernie Fletcher called upon the special grand jury investigating improper hiring practices to stop indicting those he pardoned in late August, claiming that "it is unconstitutional to purport to indict persons encompassed by the Governor's amnesty." The president of the state senate, Republican David Williams, echoed Fletcher's request, and called for an end to the grand jury. Williams said if the investigation is extended for another 90-day period, it would be a "major distraction" during the General Assembly session in January, and "will put legislators in a bad mood and will not be good for the Commonwealth." An extension may well be needed, since this past Wednesday Fletcher's attorney's released nine emails investigators had requested for their inquiry, leaving 102 others they are still awaiting.

It's great when the state corruption scandal gets moree play on the national level. It reaffirms to everyone Kentucky has a corrupt political machine that Republicans in Kentucky are like Hal Mumme, you're hear a couple of years and are already on sanctions.

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