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Libby Took The Hit Saturday, October 29, 2005

I posted my last post before Lewis Libby was indicted. The Fitzgerald issued an indictment based on inconsistancies in Libby's testimony. He was charged with perjury, conspiracy, obstruction of justice... the usual crimes when an administration is trying to distact from the real issue. The Washington Post had a good story on the matter. The story did point out that Fitzgerald said he wasn't done yet although I would be surprised if any other indictments come down.

Libby resigned and that's all well and good but the real problem hasn't been addressed and that's the campaign of malice and destruction the administration used against Joe Wilson. Wilson certainly isn't totally off the hook but at the same time, he also was against the war in Iraq, like most right thinking people and like pretty much the entire state department starting with Colin Powell and going down the line.

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