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Education: Only In Bush's America: Part 3 Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This one came from the DNCC butit's a valid point. The administration is using the Dept. of Educ. to pay various advocacy groups to to talk up their good points, to buy ads, write op/ed pieces and other little tidbits:


Rep. Miller Calls for Recovery of Funds and for More Information in Response to Report Showing Irresponsible Use of Taxpayer Dollars, Systemic Covert Propaganda

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Education has paid education advocacy groups to produce newspaper opinion pieces, advertisements, and other public materials that reached audiences all over the country without revealing that the government paid for their production and distribution, according to a report issued late last week by the Department’s Inspector General that concluded that such practices were improper.

Rep. George Miller (D-CA), the senior Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee, requested the report in January. Miller said the report raises two key concerns: first, that it describes the consistent use of covert propaganda by the Department of Education over a period of years; and second, that it shows a disturbing pattern of neglect on the part of the Department when it comes to properly overseeing its grants and contracts.

For example, opinion articles appearing in an untold number of newspapers all over the country were written and placed by authors paid by the federal government who failed to disclose this relationship in their columns. These writers offered opinions – sometimes strident ones – about controversial areas of federal education policy.


Yet another notch in the belt of Bush's America. He and his administration try to shape and maneuver through our country purchasing whole or in part the information of this age. Unfortunately, the working people of this country carry their wealth and their graft on their backs, paying for the bribes out of the blood of the working man instead of educating their children for a better life.

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At 8:53 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Ok, a 'folksy' comparison. i have known a number of people who owned small family businesses. The self-made successes had a never-ending and fully conscious distinction between "business funds" and "the net profit" - the latter being "the family share".

Those who got lost on the distinction either ran businesses into the ground, or they were inheritors of operating businesses that were established enough to endure the revenue losses of Junior taking his cash money for lunch out of the till. Oh, and some in the latter managed to become some of the former.

What's the point? George W. Bush is the inheritor of a family business (actually, several). He has managed to run a few into the ground when trying to CEO on his own. And he has inherited, by virtue of famous name, hired-gun political tacticians, and unlimited campaign coffers, the business called "the United States of America".

But the recurring phenominon of Dubbyah spending Fed money on 'promote Bush' projects shows that George has that fundamental inability to discern the difference between money that belongs to the concern (America - that is, you and me) and money that is his by right. i would dearly love to see some objective accountants' reports of the expenses rung up by C.E.O. Dubbyah in his past 'careers'.

i would be willing to wager that it has never occurred to him (and maybe never will) that spending public money for his private interest is morally wrong. What else has his political career consisted of?

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