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A Laborius Day Monday, September 05, 2005

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day holiday. I was hoping to get more posting done but alas, was not to be. There's a lot going on this weekend. More news On the Gulf Coast, the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist and there's plenty more.

First, Chief Justice Rehnquist:

The gentleman served with distinction on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), first as an associate justice and then as chief justice. Rehnquist was appointed by President Richard Nixon back in 1972 and and President Ronald Reagan nominated him for the chief justicee slot upon the retirement of Chief Justice Warren Burger. He ran the court and he certainly left his mark on it. The last term, others have picked up the slack as Rehnquist had been battling thyroid cancer and over the weekend, he lost his fight. Now, in a swift move, President Bush moved John Roberts into the chief justice slot. This still leaves him one another choice as O'Connor still has to be replaced. Fortunately, she'll stay in the job until they find someone for her.

A couple of things. First, Roberts going into Rehnquist's slot isn't going to be that big and ideological change in the court. While the court will certainly change, Roberts even clerked for Rehnquist for a while so they will certainly be similar in some respects. I personally don't have a huge problem with this as it will maintain the balance. Realistically, Bush wasn't going to nominate a liberal or probably even a moderate.

The other thing will be O'Connor's replacement. This will give Bush a chance to appoint a woman to the slot. The person will obviously be conservative but who knows how right they will go. This certainly make Washington something to see for quite sometime and will also allow Bush to leave his mark more permanently on the country and it's future. Unfortunately, Bush has proven his inability to make good decisions and I'm afraid this will be no different.

posted by Stithmeister @ 8:58 PM

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At 3:23 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Bush makes perfectly good decisions for 1% of the country. Why not just ask Chevron who they are going to tell him to appoint?

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