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Do I Hear Fletcher's Dirge? Sunday, September 18, 2005

Looks like the state Republican party executive committee told evil Ernie where to go today. Ernie called for the resignation of the state party chair and he refuse. The executive committee voted on the matter today and said he would stay where he is. So much for Fletcher's follies. He's dug the grave in record time too. It only took him 2 years to do it in. Here's part of Jack Brammer's story on it in the Herald-Leader:

FRANKFORT - Three days after Gov. Ernie Fletcher called for the ouster of Darrell Brock Jr. as state Republican Party chairman, GOP leaders today defied the governor and kept Brock in his job.

Members of the Republican Executive Committee had little to say about their party chairmanship after a closed-door meeting, but Democrats immediately called the GOP’s decision a rebuke of Fletcher.

Former Democratic Gov. Julian Carroll, who now is a state senator, called it “a signal of Fletcher’s death knell as a candidate for re-election in 2007.”

Brock became party chair with Fletcher’s blessing last April after heading up the governor’s local development office.


I talked with a number of the press folks today who've been covering the story and most of them agreed that this story has been too easy to tell. As many today at the picnic pointed out, someone had to go to the AG's office for this to start. Ernie Fletcher's career in politics was short lived because it's pretty obvious it's over. He has no support in the party, it would seem, from anyone. The folks from D.C. are staying tight lipped about it and most locally elected Republicans are staying quiet about it. That means the word's come down from Mitch that Ernie is on his own and he's not doing so well. He was a lousy choice for governor and this is a great time for the Democrats to begin hammering the message home. Today was a good start but it's still quite a while until 2006 elections and the governor's race in 2007. We need to work on it now.

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