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Not blogged in a while... Monday, March 27, 2006

As most of my regulars have noted, I've not posted in a while. I've been kind of busy with a number of personal matters. I'm backing on the net though and I'll be posting a bit more frequently, at least for a little while. As always, I appreciate the comments and please keeping visiting. Also, please consider visiting to affiliates on the right hand side. They would appreciate your business, as would I.

Now... something that interests me is medical marijuana. I'm not necessarily all for legalization of marijuana for recreation use, but I think it's an absolute for medical reasons. I've read too many stories about people getting too much good out of weed when they have nasty chronic illnesses like cancer.

The way the system works now is drugs are put on on schedules or lists depending on various qualities of said sustances. Schedule 1, which marijuana falls under, contains other substances like heroin. These drugs are believed to have no medical value. Marijuana is believed to be a gateway drug that leads others into much harder drugs. Right now, it's the opinion of Washington that despite numerous tests to the contrary by both physicians and patients, marijuana has no use.

In 2005, SCOTUS struck down California's medical marijuana law, reducing the case down to a jurisdictional dispute.

A new case is now before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, by the same people who took the case to SCOTUS earlier in the summer. They are pushing the rules again, calling this a "right to life" case. The deal is, the Supreme Court has never completely shut down this case down. So the folks are heading back again, depending on what the the Appeals Court says.

This issue is going to keep getting pressed. The problem is the best way to get this to change is get bureaucrats who think this medical marijuana is actually a good idea. As I said, I'm not in to recreational use of the stuff but I think no one can deny a person dying a horrible death like cancer some relief. Talk about immoral behavior.

Perhaps it is insane to try and keep various substances illegal but we certainly should deny the sick some relief, particularly if it can be found in a naturally occurring substance like marijuana.

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