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Democrat from Kentucky
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Where Do Visitors Come From Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's always interesting to see where my visitors come from. I use Google Analytics for traffic tracking. It tells me things like how many unique visitors I get, the number of page views and other nifty bits of information. I know I get a lot of views in Kentucky for example. Right now I'm getting a lot of views from Newport, Nicholasville and Lexington. I also get them from Winchester, Louisville and Frankfort and London.

Looking outside of Kentucky interests me greatly too. Right now, some folks in both Illinois and Georgia are reading and I hope the find the entries interesting. I'm also getting readership, for the moment from Texas, Iowa, Virginia, New York, California and Ohio.

I get a get a few from other countries as well. I've noticed a few from both Canada and the UK. There's also Mexico, Estonia, Germany and several other nations.

I appreciate the visits and I for those who come back, I encourage you to comment. All opinions are certainly valid. I also encourage you to send in bits of information regarding your local political races, even if it's a mayoral contest your interested in. If you don't agree with what I or someone else is saying, please explain why.

To my new, hopefully regular readers, thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll do so again and take an interest in what we write here. Thanks again for reading. We appreciate it.

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