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Another thought on the UAE Port Deal Friday, February 24, 2006

Posted by Greymagius in comments:

Despite everything Cheney might like to suggest, China has shown no signs that they have any desire to attack us. Why bother,when they'll own us in a decade :p

The UAE has a history with Osama Bin Laden. They also recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government. Two of the 9/11 Terrorist came fromthe UAE.

Neither Denmark nor China are likely to be a danger,especially not via terrorist action. If China chooses to attack us (Which I gravely doubt will happen),it has actually missles with nukes. It can then swarm us with forces. Simple fact. Tech is good, but tech and more people is better.

$100 million dollars is nice. We should immediatedly trust them because they gave money? Where was the money spent? Who did it go to?
An old saying involving Greeks & Gifts springs to mind. I really wonder what prompted such a generous outpouring. Cynicus hasn't responded here, but I'll be Cynical for him.

If money is supposed to be so great to deserve trust ect. then why isn't Iraq in love with us? How many Billions have we given to them?

Also, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion over security issues. One group says the UAE will have control over security. Another group says they will not. The most reliable source I've seen suggest that the UAE gets to pick the Security company on the actual docks. They can help set scheduling and where ships are docked at. Lets play Scenario time...

One ship with slightly incorrect papers is knowingly approved by the UAE. A Jyhadist sympathiser has agreed to help bring down the great Satan. The Sympathiser knows that John Doh,security guard is a lazy bastich who doesn't bother making rounds.(OK folks, I've ran Security for fairly large businesses, I know Security pretty well). The ship pulls into harbor nearest NYC proper.The Jyhadist is within a shipping container full of nerve gas and a small shaped charge. At 06:00 AM, the container opens fromthe inside, a small charge is triggered and on the morning winds off the ocean a cloud of Nerve Gas drifts gently over the city.

Yes, it could by done with anyone in charge, but with a sympathetic port controller, you can insure that the ship is placed for optimal spread and is quede to not be search for a time. Also, paperwork identifying the ship would be easier to 'adjust'.

Am I being biased by the fact that they are a Middle Eastern country. Perhaps... But I am definatedly biased by the fact that they have a history of connections to orginazations that want to harm America.

The Bush Admistration has granted too many exemptions from standard policies for this venture to make me trust it. They were not given the full 45 day investigation. Paperwork was not required to be kept on US soil where it could be checked. There are simple too many question s on this deal to make it deserving of immediate and unquestioned acceptance.

Remember, the Trojans left a wonder gift for the Citizens

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posted by Stithmeister @ 3:24 PM

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