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Round 1 For Alito The Mosquito Monday, January 09, 2006

All the formalities look to be out of the way as all the Senators gave their two cents and then Alito put his first 2 cents in the bucket. Alito's got his work cut out for him. I think Armando over at Kos said it best:

Update [2006-1-9 10:21:29 by Armando]: On C-Span, Jesse Holland of the AP just said that no one denies "Alito is a great judge." I vehemently deny it. It is not just that I disagree with Alito's views, it is that Alito is a dishonest conservative, who twists precedent to fit his predetermined preferred results. Alito is a results oriented conservative ideologue judicial activist. That describes a poor candidate for the Supreme Court. The only question is is the deference due a President overcome by this inadequacy of Alito. Did the President overstep the deference due him? We'll see at these hearings.

One can only hope the Dems can drag this out for a while and build up sufficient support of the Sam "The Hack" Alito. Unfortunately, he's cut from the same mold as many ultraconservatives and he's going to vote on how things should go. Keep in mind, much of the courts work centers around business and that's the stuff that's got me worried. Alito will give big business whatever it wants. It's a frightening thing indeed.

But Alito won't say much. He'll give the Senate the silent treatment and they'll probably pass him and our SCOTUS will be conservative for another few decades, undoing all the human rights work and civil liberties in the last 50 years. Heck, they may even try to reverse Brown V. Board.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 10:45 PM

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