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Pros & Cons on the current POTUS Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm trying to run a little intellectual excercise here. A listing, if you would, of Good versus Bad decisions that have occured during the Presidency of George W. Bush. I'm trying to see what significant things have occured in his time in office. Some points can be argued to be beyond his control. Others are purely the results of his actions.

I'd appreciate feedback and additions to the list from all.

I'll start with the pro points:
*Provided a rally point during 9/11
*Okay.. I'm stuck for more. I'm seriously not trying to be funny.

Con Points:
*The War in Iraq (This can include several things really...)
*Response and lack of continueing support for Katrina Victims.
*Spying on Citizens via the NSA.
*Record National Deficits
*Record Oil Prices.
*The Guantanamo Bay Prisoner issues.
*Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal.
*Build up of Nuclear programs (Bomb grade) in North Korea & Iran.

I'd appreciate more ideas please. I'm trying to keep this focused on the Bush Presidency, so I'm not sure some things such as the current Abrahmoff scandal would count, since I believe it goes back pre- George W. Bush. Similarly, I can't list "America is Safer" because the lack of Terrorist attacks inside the US is a Non-event.

Give me more feedback and we'll see what we can come up with eh?


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posted by Greymagius @ 7:50 AM

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