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NOLA & Nonsense Friday, January 13, 2006

On occasion, I like to sit back and read comments from our President, George W. Bush. It helps remind me why I consider him such a putz. I have picked out several pieces that seem to highlight how Bush seems to lack understanding or at least has incredible gall.
The following sections are from a
NY Times article.

In New Orleans, Bush Speaks With Optimism but Sees Little of Ruin
By Elisabeth Bumiller
Mr. Bush spent his brief visit in a meeting with political and business leaders on the edge of the Garden District, the grand neighborhood largely untouched by the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina, and saw little devastation. He did not go into the city's hardest-hit areas or to Jackson Square
"It may be hard for you to see, but from when I first came here to today, New Orleans is reminding me of the city I used to come to visit," the president told the local leaders

OK, I guess if Bush does not see it, it is not a problem? Simple solution.

(T)he Bush administration revised the deficit upward to more than $400 billion and blamed it largely on Hurricane Katrina

Yup, I guess the $400 billion from Katrina is what got us in trouble. The current 3 Trillion dollar estimated cost for the Iraqi war has had no effect on the deficit. Isn't this rather like me buying a $3,000 big screen TV and then saying that a $250 emergency room bill from falling off the roof putting up an antenna was the cause of my finiancial woes?

The president ignored questions about the city's new rebuilding plan, introduced Wednesday night to enormous community criticism, and White House officials traveling with Mr. Bush declined to offer opinions. The plan, which depends on nearly $17 billion more from the federal government, gives neighborhoods in low-lying parts of the city from four months to a year to attract sufficient numbers of residents or be bulldozed.

OK, anyone else see a bit of oddness? Basically, you need people to return to damage homes, with no support infrastructure or job possibilities. In many cases, they'd be squatting without reliable utilities. If they don’t return, their property will be bought under 'Imminent Domain', at no doubt a very good price for the buyer. ... and speaking of potential buyers.

From New Orleans, Mr. Bush traveled to Waveland and Bay St. Louis in Mississippi, where he viewed destruction along the Gulf Coast. He then headed for Palm Beach, Fla., for a closed-door $4 million fund-raiser for the Republican National Committee and Republican candidates at the home of Dwight Schar, a homebuilder and a co-owner of the Washington Redskins.

Think a 'Homebuilder' might be thinking of the financial possibilities of buying up neighborhoods, tearing down old homes to erect tract housing or apartments to sell or rent. Lots of folks might like to return to NOLA. When they do, if their houses having been "Imminent Domain-ed", guess they’ll be forced to buy or rent from someone.

One of my base rules of understanding any situation is "Follow the Money". The money trail here is pointing not to rebuilding NOLA for it’s long time residents, but for 'Carpet bagger' real estate investors.
I'm sure that at the fund raiser, more than a few potential Real Estate folks were giving a big thumbs up and saying "Heck of a Job, Georgie!"

posted by Greymagius @ 10:33 AM

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