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PETA Gunning For The Colonel Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sometimes certain groups really piss me off. Now... I'm a left-wing nutjob liberal, just left of Chairman Mao in most cases but I think some groups get a burr in their saddle and really need to be slapped off their horse. The group this time is PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

An article in the Herald-Leader details a request by PETA, led by inflatable doll Pam Anderson to have a bust (there's a joke isn't there) of Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant chain. They claim suppliers for KFC, owned by Yum! Brands in Louisville, commit cruelties on the chickens. Because of this, the head of Harland should come down.

Pammy and PETA really should be quiet. It's utterly and completely ridiculous. Animals are not humans (this is going to get me in trouble) and do not have the same rights as humans and shouldn't. WE (humans) are at the TOP of the food chain here. We're overpopulated sure. We do stupid stuff sure, but we eat animals. It's part of being an omnivore. Besides, anyone ever consider the pain a corn cob goes through being boiled alive? What about an orange being plucked from it's mother tree? BAH!!

There is another PETA I might support though: People for Ethical T&A. The big question remains: Is Pammy's T&A Ethical.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 11:24 PM

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