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Problems With Changes In State Merit System Sunday, October 23, 2005

A traditionally rightwing newspaper, The Danville Advocate-Messenger, ran a letter to the editor recently about the new direction of the merit system changes:

State employees' group concerned about merit system changes

Dear Editor:

The Kentucky Transportation Employees' Association (KTEA) Board of Directors would like to express its concern with the Fletcher administration's attempts to change the merit system.

The KTEA is one of the oldest and largest employee organizations in Kentucky state government. The KTEA has served employees of the Transportation Cabinet since 1950. Currently, over 3,300 Transportation Cabinet employees are represented by the KTEA. Our organization is dedicated to upholding, preserving and strengthening the merit system. The merit system is the foundation of state employee freedom, freedom to devote our best work efforts to provide exceptional service to the taxpayers of Kentucky without fear of reprisal or expectation of reward for political activity.

During the 2003 governor's race, Governor Fletcher showed his support for the Merit System by stating, "The current merit system has been very effective at keeping politics out of state government. I believe that it would be a mistake to do anything that would potentially undermine the current system... We must ensure that the current merit system remains strong and that we continue to keep politics out of state government."

Since the governor has established a Blue Ribbon Task Force to study the current Merit System laws, we hope that he remembers his promise to state employees to support and strengthen the Merit System. While our organization is supportive of changes that would improve career growth, employee salaries and the overall wellbeing of slate employees, we are against any changes to Merit System laws that will threaten state workers' job security. Our organization welcomes the chance to provide input to the Blue Ribbon Task Force that will lead to a stronger more efficient state government workforce. Hopefully the Blue Ribbon Task Force has this same goal in mind.

Jane Shindlebower-Mers, president
Kentucky Transportation Employees' Association
Copyright The Advocate-Messenger 2005


Imagine, employees worried about their jobs after the recent turn of events in Frankfort. I'd say Fletcher is wrecking things but I don't think he has the credibility nor the political power to do much of anything. He's a lame duck and his first regular session of the legislature's not even started yet.

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:19 PM

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At 3:28 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Government employees have only 2 true loyalties:

1) Getting a good retirement.

2) Getting to retirement.

Whether the DMV clerk or White House staffer, this is the sum of all their motivation. A mayor or governor or the POTUS can pull any shite they like and continue to have full cooperation from the bureaucracy until they mess with (1) or (2).

So long as the gov was putting cronies into new slots, or slots that were emptying anyway, not a word from the clerks and works. But push it to the point that it looks like job loss for those already years in the system, and thus no state retirement......

Hell hath no fury like a petty bureaucrat frightened.

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