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Troubles in the Bush Administration Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is turning into a fairly traditional second term for a president. It may have started a little early but its still in line. Most presidents elected to second terms normally have the lame duck status to deal with. It's just the reality. They can't be reelected unless they want to take a step down.

In recent memory, Johnson had Vietnam. While he didn't serve 2 full terms it was 1 1/2 and it was ugly. Then came Nixon, who's troubles are legendary. He was the only president to resign the job. He would've been impeached and would've gone to jail. Then next two-term man was Reagan. He had Iran-Contra. It turned out to be a nightmare although it laid the foundation for a splendid pundit career for then Lt. Col. Oliver North. Then came Clinton (I like puns). He was impeached over lying about a BJ. Now comes Bush's second term and it's a disaster. His base is fighting like cats and dogs, he's had one natural disaster after another, fuel prices are at record highs, Iraq is a disaster. He may end up impeached over this mess the CIA mess. Yep... early, a little more extensive, but nonetheless not unexpected in a second term.

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