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Do We Need New Government: Demarchy Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is one of Cynicus favorite topics: This is pulled form Wikipedia

Demarchy is a term coined by Australian philosopher John Burnheim to describe a political system without the state or bureaucracies, and based instead on randomly selected groups of decision makers. These groups, sometimes termed "policy juries," "citizens' juries," or "consensus conferences," would deliberate and make decisions about public policies in much the same way that juries reach verdicts on criminal cases.

Demarchy attempts to overcome some of the functional problems with conventional representative democracies, which in practice have often been subject to manipulation by special interests and a divide between professional policymakers (politicians and lobbyists) vs. a largely passive, uninvolved and often uninformed electorate. According to Burnheim, random selection of policymakers would make it easier for everyday citizens to meaningfully participate, and harder for special interests to corrupt the process.

More generally, random selection of decision makers is known as sortition. The Athenian democracy made much use of sortition, with nearly all government offices filled by lottery rather than by election.

Recently, the Canadian province of British Columbia has made use of Demarchy in the formation of the Citizen's Assembly; a group of citizens randomly selected to propose a new electoral process to be ratified by the general population by referendum.

No more of this election crap, everyone should take a turn.

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:50 PM

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At 9:47 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Actually, my original idea was "government by draft". You got drafted to serve, and at the end of the term there would be a referendum. If you got the thumbs up, you could go home. If not, you had to go back, but now you had no air conditioning in DC summer, every morning at 0500 Marine DIs woke you up for your morning "constitutional", one meal/day was MRE's, etc....and if you kept getting put back in, the abuse escalated, until you did a good job or died trying.

No point lobbies cozying up...with a draft there's no long-term relationship. And since you are serving under hardship, sudden money appearances are de facto evidence of corruption, not "re-election business as usual." Ditto trips to resorts courtesy of backroom money. You are supposed to be on duty - going to a "government conference" in Bermuda is being A.W.O.L., with punishment to follow.

Draftees wouldn't know the issues? Here's a true fact, people. In an average year, Congress passes a couple of thousand bills. The Congresscritter knows the ins and outs of maybe 3-5 of them. For the rest s/he gets an index card from the staffers before the vote telling him/her how to vote. In terms of ignorance, a wanker off the street will be 3/2000ths less informed than Senator Longterm. (Truly, we don't need Congressional term limits as much as we need Congressional staffer term limits.)

And if you're that worried about drafting idiots to government, maybe you will get serious about fixing American education so that there will be fewer idiots.

i'm still working on this one, but by damn, i still think that it can't be so much worse than the current one.

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