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Nazis, Rights, Racism in Toledo: Film @11 Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Nazis recently had a neigborhood get-together in Toledo, Ohio. It turned quite ugly. A number of citizens felt the need to express their opinion of said protestors in a violent way, even the point of threatening their political leaders. But they did have the right to protest, demonstrate, etc. The constitution guarantees the right to peaceable assembly, as much as it guarantees the right to religion and anything else. It also guarantees the freedom of speech. The Klan, in many ways exemplifies the point of the first amendment.

I absolutely detest Nazis and everything they stand for. The sell hate as their message and I find it loathesome. But I will defend their right to say such things. As Voltaire once said, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." That applies in this situation. A number of people didn't want the KKK marching in their communities. I understand most people don't like what they stand for and what they represent. But it is imperative that these people be given the opportunity to be heard. Political speech, which is what they spout, is protected. It is an absolute. Our forefathers fought for this hallowed nation and the right of its citizens to speak their mind. When we limit this, either civilly or unlawful mobs and riots, then our forefathers fought in vain. All our principles are worthless. You may not respect what they say but you must respect their right to say it.
When you take away their right to speak, then you lose your own right to speak. Our constitutional guarantees are in enough trouble without this kind of behavior.

posted by Stithmeister @ 7:20 PM

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