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Cabal of Evil - Cheney And Rumsfeld Monday, October 24, 2005

The current administration is having real problems, no doubt about it. Various factions of the Republican party are divided. One major problem is the problem created by George Bush's "Cabal of Evil" and all the mayhem they have brought upon our glorious nation. Right now, a federal prosecutor smells blood and he's going to get it I think.

In this administration, loyalty is everything. It explains why Gonzalez is attorney general, it explains why Miers is up for SCOTUS and it explains why Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame got the treatment they did. The administration may well have put Plame's life in danger based on sheer spite and someone may just spend some quality time in a penintentuary. It's a shame on our country that the Bush administration brought us to this level.

Do the Democrats have anything to offer? Probably not. The presidential candidates look somewhat weak so far because none of them are out pounding the sidewalks and the TVs calling for a sharp alternative to the corruption proliferating the White House. But first things first, the Democrats are going to have to work on Congress and get people elected at both state and national levels. I'd like to say we could do it in Kentucky, but Howdy Doody is a powerful senator who may end up senate majority leader. I only hope the Dems come up with some alternatives.

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