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Bush's Presidential Library Sunday, August 28, 2005

It looks like "Dub-yah" is building a presidential library. Sadly, the first thing that came to mind was "He can read?" Be that as it may, It will be built, like many presidents before him. Here's the story from U.S. News And World Report:

Bush Thinks Texas Big for His Library

Sure Jimmy Carter has his cozy Carter Center promoting democracy, George H. W. Bush has a Texas A&M school of public service named after him, and Bill Clinton runs his foundation dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS. So how does President Bush top that when he goes home to his presidential library and museum somewhere in Texas? Go bigger. "The Hoover Institution," reveals Bush's chief library scout and former Commerce Secretary Don Evans , "is the model. That's what will differentiate our library." No kidding. Based at Stanford University, Hoover's team includes over 150 big thinkers who have shaped major national policies and still influence Washington.

Evans tells us that the "Bush Institute" won't just take up the president's agenda of advancing compassionate conservatism, fighting terrorism, and expanding democracy: Women's issues, a passion of the first lady, will also get a starring role. "This will be a very active institution," he predicts. And that's not all. In a letter to seven colleges and the city of Arlington, all vying to build the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Evans and Bush brother Marvin say the prez also wants a high-tech library and museum, including an IMAX theater, gift shop, and apartment. It'll be expensive, and the winner will have to raise gobs of cash. But, assures the duo, "the president has many donors, supporters, and friends around the world."


Bush said he's going to build this based on the Hoover Institute. Well, there is another Hoover building in D.C. and I suspect that one would be closer to how this should be viewed and that the reminder of how things shouldn't be done and the fact that presidents and the administrations need to taken down another notch.

posted by Stithmeister @ 8:45 PM

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At 1:44 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Do you have any information about precisely how this library is going to expand democracy, create compassionate conservatism, etc? i'm especially interested in how it will fight terrorism - via IMAX theater, or by gift shop?

Gah. And back when i taught history, they couldn't picture the ancient Egyptians putting up with a Pharoah who wanted to build himself a pyramid as a monument.

Doubtless the Iraq victory stele will be erected outside, and many televangelists will come to recite the sacred words over the god-king's shrine.

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