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New Kentucky Democratic Platform Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jerry Lundergan annouced the new platform for the party at the state fair this week. The new platform concentrats on veterants benefits. I picked on up this story by Pat Crowley from the Enquirer up in Cincinnati:

General Assembly plan touted as 'bold,' leans heavily to vets

Kentucky Democrats have outlined their strategy for the 2006 General Assembly session.

"It will be a bold package of change and new priorities," party chairman Jerry Lundergan said at a news conference Thursday with top Democratic elected officials at the Kentucky State Fair.

Among the goals is a $75,000 death benefit for Kentuckians killed in combat, increased funds for preschool and middle school education, and opposition to reducing preferences given to veterans who apply for state jobs.

They quoted House Speaker Jody Richards saying:

"These items are traditional Democratic values."

They also talked to a Republican strategist about the plan.

"The liberal values that the Democratic Party have espoused certainly are not working, and elections are proving as much," GOP strategist Brian Richmond said. "This is a contrived attempt by the Democratic Party to move to the right that Kentucky families will see right through."


The issue here I see is the Democrats trying to urge their agenda forward and put something together Kentuckians will be happy with. The federal government has attempted to cut the VA benefits and many veterans of the National Guard and Reserves don't get the same benefits as the active duty soldiers even though their lives are just as much on the line in the operation. The states must step up and do the work. Ben Chandler fights in Washington to protect our veterans and Kentucky's state Democrats must back his play to do all they can at home.

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