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Democrat From Kentucky Saturday, March 11, 2006

Found the below referenced link on the DailyKos. I thought it worthy of further commentary.

The original ABC News article is linked below and gives more comprehensive information.

Let’s face it folks, George W. Bush is anti-science. If it’s not a better weapon, he doesn’t want it. He trots out ‘science’ as a P.R. stunt. He doesn’t understand ‘Science’, as can easily be seen from his track record on Global warming, Evolution and Stem-Cell research. Now, the Budget from Congress further cuts the work of NASA. He tends to believe in guidance from above, from a God that he has absolute faith in.

It’s not surprising then that his government seems little interested in NASA, other than a Public Relations Agency, to bring back the high idealism of the days of the Space Race. Lots of folks say “So what? We’re sinking in debt, so what if we don’t go back to the moon in the next 20 years? What have we ever got from NASA?”

Watch Television? Chances are the shows you’re watching were transmitted via satellite. Use a GPS? Have On-star in your Car? Satellite mapping & tracking allow us to know where you are and tell you how to get to where you’re going. Do you check the weather as you head out in the morning? Guess where the information for that comes from? Satellites! This becomes more than just giving scientist new research tools. This directly affects the lives of yourself or someone you love. We cannot accurately forecast the weather, without these tools.

There’s an old saying, ‘Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” We may not be able to change it, but we can do something to protect ourselves from it. The Katrina Disaster was horrific. Think what it would have been like if we hadn’t had as much warning as we did. Current estimates are that we are entering another period of extreme Hurricanes. We can hope that post Katrina; folks will be more wary and willing to take action. But they need time to prepare and accurate information to do so. The entire Eastern and Southern coast sit in danger. Aside from loss of thousands of lives, the financial cost of last years Hurricanes is in the tens of billions. We are spending only 2.2 billion for ALL satellites. Let’s look at perhaps building 1 less super Stealth Fighter or new Destroyer. Let us instead put that money to creating a presence above us that we can all agree exist and truly provides guidance and looks out for our safety.

posted by Greymagius @ 2:52 PM

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